Tiles Cleaning Polishing Dubai, Floor Deep Cleaning, Marble Polishing, Wooden Floor Services in Dubai, UAE

Tiles Cleaning Polishing Dubai, Floor Deep Cleaning, Marble Polishing, Wooden Floor Services in Dubai, UAE

Tiles Cleaning and Polishing Service

CERAMIC TILES POLISHING SERVICE:  We can professionally clean and restore your tile, grout & stone walls and floors. Our services use the latest products and processes on the market including diamond pad burnishing to get your natural stone deep cleaned. After discussing with the customer what is required, we will visit your property and demonstrate on a test area of your tiles or stone how they will clean up and what results can be expected.

The cleaning process will involve the removal of any dirt and any existing seal on the tiles & grouted areas with premium products. Then after drying they will be resealed with the appropriate seal, this will help prevent dirt being in contact with the area to help make your tiles & grout clean and more easily maintainable. I am also the Tile Doctor for the Birmingham area and have extensive experience in all stone restoration, particularly in Victorian tiled floors which are usually 100+ years old, we often source replacement tiles, restore the floor, then deep clean & seal it to keep it looking great.

Marble Cleaning and Polishing Services

MARBLE TILES POLISHING SERVICEThe natural beauty of marble

shines with a high polish finish, and in heavy traffic areas, the gloss of marble flooring can dull. You can restore the shine yourself, or by hiring a professional marble floor polisher, and it’s important to know when to choose each option.

A professional crew will be able to deal with all types of stains, as well as restoring your shine. Typically, a professional marble floor polisher will work over several hours, as certain polishes and stain removers need time to act. In some cases, the process may take a day or require 24 hours to cure. This is usually to create a protective coat over the marble surface.

Wooden Floor Polishing Service (Wooden Sanding, Wooden Cleaning & Polishing)

Wooden Floor & Parquet Polishing: Restoring a wooden floor is a work of art. It’s one that Quicksand Flooring takes great pride in doing. We understand that every wooden floor has its own unique beauty. We also love to bring that out with our sanding, finishing and sealing wood floor restoration techniques. Wooden floor restoration reveals the grain and patterns in a floor that had previously looked grey and faded.

Wood floor restoration covers a whole range of different techniques. These techniques tackle a huge number of problems, from worn and uneven surfaces to loss of colour and pattern. For instance, floor sanding can be used to remove built-up grime and old layers of varnish that hide the colours or grain of your floor. We can then apply a new layer of oil, wax or seal to protect your wood, leaving it looking glossy and new. Floor restoration saves you from buying a new wood floor and celebrates the aged beauty of natural wood.

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