Vinyl Floor Cleaning and Polishing Service in Dubai, UAE


Vinyl floors are fitted in high-traffic areas because of their durability, high resilience to abrasion and impact damage; Vinyl floors are also relatively low in cost compared to other types of floors.

We provide Vinyl floor cleaning services to hospitals, schools, canteens, medical centres and pharmaceutical companies, including industrial and retail premises.

Vinyl Floor Polishing Dubai

Vinyl floor problems

Incorrect cleaning and maintenance will cause the Vinyl floor to look dirty and worn, speeding up expensive, inconvenient stripping and sealing processes.

Cleaning companies are the leading cause of dirty and worn Vinyl floors as they often use the incorrect cleaning pads, chemicals and frequency of cleaning that damages the floor.

Vinyl floors in poor condition require refurbishment which means worn and dirty seals will need stripping off and resealing with new polish coats.

How to clean and seal Vinyl floors

How to Clean Vinyl floors? Our team will strip off all dull and scratched seal coats, rinse the floor and allow it to dry. Once the floor has dried, we apply three layers of hard-wearing protective seal coats, in either Satin or high gloss finishes.

Our team of Vinyl floor cleaners are happy to work out of hours and weekends to reduce any inconvenience to the regular operation of the business.

We are experienced and careful working around large and small machinery in specialist environments.

Vinyl floor cleaning

Our Vinyl floor cleaners will spray clean, burnish, buff and polished the Vinyl floor using a rotary floor machine and a floor maintainer to clean and top up the existing polish coats forming part of a weekly, monthly and annual maintenance schedule.

Once we have cleaned and maintained the Vinyl floor, we will provide you with our cleaning and maintenance recommendations.

We will then add you to our Vinyl floor maintenance list and contact you when the floor requires maintenance.

Vinyl floor survey

We offer FREE surveys to determine the Vinyl floor type, its use, location, size and the likely contaminants it may encounter to determine the level of cleaning and maintenance required.

Once we have collated this information with our standard pricing schedule, we will then forward you our quote tailored around your specific floor type and working conditions.

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