Professional Marble Floor Grinding, Polishing and Crystallyzation Services

The natural beauty of marble shines with a high polish finish, and in heavy traffic areas, the gloss of marble flooring can dull. You can restore the shine yourself, or by hiring a professional marble floor polisher, and it’s important to know when to choose each option.

Marble Polishing Services in Dubai

Professional Marble Floor Polishing

A professional crew will be able to deal with all types of stains, as well as restoring your shine. Typically, a professional marble floor polisher will work over several hours, as certain polishes and stain removers need time to act. In some cases, the process may take a day or require 24 hours to cure. This is usually to create a protective coat over the marble surface.

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Using marble floor polishing machines, professional teams work quickly and effectively, so they’re a good choice for busy families. The action of the machine can replace the use of harsh chemicals, so if you have allergies or health concerns do ask about the polishing methods used.

Dealing with Major Damage

Stone is a tough natural material, and can last decades or centuries. Unlike carpet, laminate or vinyl, marble tiles or floor slabs are made of the same material all the way through. This means that they can’t wear through, as carpet does, exposing an under layer. This is a great advantage as it means that in cases where significant damage occurs, it’s usually possible to strip the top layer of stone away, revealing a fresh, beautiful layer beneath.

Typically, this stripping process only involves removing a few millimetres of stone, and is combined with a professional polishing. If your stone floor has significant scuffs, marks, chips or stains, we can help. It’s a particularly useful option for those dealing with a period building. Many old buildings have beautiful stone floors, and marble floor polishing can restore their natural lustre.


Famous Floor Polishing we provide a wide range of marble services to help our customers maintain their marble flooring’s original shine. Our marble experts are highly trained and skilled and use only the best in products, equipment and techniques to ensure precision and expertise in each job performed.

We offer a full range of Marble services including:

  • Marble Grinding
  • Marble Sealing
  • Marble Polishing
  • Marble Restoration
  • Marble Crack and Stain Repair

When it comes to marble grinding Famous Polishing Services Dubai are the answer, we are able to maintain your marble flooring for many generations. With some companies marble grinding can be a terribly messy process, but with the use of state of the art grinding tools Famous Floor Polishing have made the procedure into a virtually dust-free job. Our grinding services include Leveling and Lippage Removal, Grinding and Polishing.

Our services use only the most advanced grinding and polishing machinery, servicing the residential, commercial and industrial sectors throughout Dubai, UAE. Let our team of hard-working professionals handle all of your Marble Flooring needs. Our dedicated team is highly trained, fast and efficient.

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Our phone lines are open to get a quote or book our cleaners immediately. Our customer support advisers can answer all of your questions and help you with a price estimate.


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WOODEN FLOOR SANDING AND POLISHING SERVICE: Wood Floor Restoration Service in Dubai, Restoring a wooden floor is a work of art. It’s one that Quicksand Flooring takes great pride in doing. We understand that every wooden floor has its own unique beauty. We also love to bring that out with our sanding, finishing and sealing wood floor restoration techniques. Wooden floor restoration reveals the grain and patterns in a floor that had previously looked grey and faded.

Wood floor restoration covers a whole range of different techniques. These techniques tackle a huge number of problems, from worn and uneven surfaces to loss of colour and pattern. For instance, floor sanding can be used to remove built-up grime and old layers of varnish that hide the colours or grain of your floor. We can then apply a new layer of oil, wax or seal to protect your wood, leaving it looking glossy and new. Floor restoration saves you from buying a new wood floor and celebrates the aged beauty of natural wood.


Our experience in residential painting and decorating is extensive, which means we have learned how to produce high quality results in many kinds of situations and with many kinds of materials. We also never forget that we are often working in people’s homes and so every job is carefully planned to ensure any disturbance to the occupants is kept to a minimum.
For older residential properties or those in need of refreshing, the improvement in appearance made possible by professional decoration can often be dramatic and increase property value. Read more..


At Famous Air Duct Cleaning, we offer top quality, friendly and reliable residential and light commercial air duct and dryer vent cleaning. Our experienced professionals have the training and expertise to improve the air quality in your home and make it safer, healthier, and more comfortable to live in. We are committed to your satisfaction and we are available by phone any time day or night for your convenience. With state of the art equipment, NADCA certified technicians on every job following the NADCA guidelines thoroughly, and a commitment to excellence specializing in air duct cleaning, it’s easy to see why ADCS is the premier NJ Duct Cleaner. Our Air Duct Cleaning Specialists utilize power vacuum trucks connected to the main supply and return trunk lines in your home.  Read more..

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