Curtain Steam Cleaning Services

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Curtain Steam Cleaning Services


We take a fresh and unique approach to Curtain cleaning. With this system, we can clean your curtains in your home or office where they hang!

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  •  No more bare windows for a week or more!
  •  No odour causing solvents!
  •  No pick up and delivery charges!

1. Initial Pre-Inspection

First, we will identify any conditions that may present cleaning challenges such as permanent stains, sunlight damage and to assess the best cleaning method to gain the best result possible for you. We will also give you an evaluation of what kind of results we expect.

3. Detergent

A mild detergent or cleaning solution is lightly sprayed or misted onto the curtains to help displace and lift any soils still in the fabric

4. Micro-fibre Mitts

Special micro-fibre mits are used to remove the soil.

5. Post Spot

Removal of any spots not removed during the chemical sponge process. Spots will be treated with the appropriate professional cleaning agent.

6. Deodoriser and Sanitiser

A deodorising or sanitising product, we make just for your curtains, this leaves your curtains smelling fresh and free from allergens.

7. Post Inspection

Our technician will go over the cleaning results with you when finished

Curtain cleaning service in dubai

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