Without regular internal inspections, water storage tanks can fall into disrepair, often resulting in costly solutions. This is because most corrosion evident on the external surface of the tank only appears after significant internal corrosion is present, due to leaking liners or degrading sealants. The aim of regular inspections is to prevent small problems that are easily fixed, from becoming expensive repairs or even full tank replacements.

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Water Tank Cleaning Service in Dubai

Specialists in Inspections and Maintenance

Famous Water Tanks offers a specialised ROV Service for conducting inspections and maintenance for all of your water tank assets. The benefits of using an ROV include the elimination of the need for divers to enter the water tank, therefore there are no OH&S risks associated with this method. There is also no need to empty your water tank, and no shutdown required during inspections and cleaning, as a result of Fire Tanks being out of commission.

We also offer:

  • Independent assessment
  • Extensive water tank industry experience
  • Provision of video and written report/logbook
  • Dubai wide service


There are several inspection methods available. The following is a list of alternatives and factors for consideration relating to each:

Draining the tank so that personnel can enter and inspect the empty water tank

  • Environmental and economic costs of lost water
  • Taking of fire system offline while personnel are in the tank

Engagement of a diver to enter the tank and inspect the water tank full of water:

  • OH&S concerns, e.g. a rusted ladder may not allow the diver to enter or exit safely
  • Placing fire system offline while diver is in the tank

Utilisation of a ROV to inspect the full water tank:

  • No lost water
  • No OH&S issues
  • Video capture of internal tank to allow benchmarking and monitoring of any issues
  • Fire system remains online while the ROV is in the tank as it can be retrieved quickly in a fire event and cannot be sucked into any fittings if pumps automatically start-up

Reliability and Safety

Safe work method statements and Step back assessments are prepared for each site. Our installers are all trained in Confined Space and Working at Heights, updated every 2 years.

All equipment and vehicles brought to sites are mine site specification compliant and all staff comply with appropriate PPE standards and personal conduct at all times.

Reporting Services

Using the extensive water tank knowledge of our Tank Inspection and Maintenance Team, coupled with advanced ROV technology, we provide a range of report services, including, but not limited to the following:

  • AS1851-2005 / AS1851-2012 Fire Tank Compliance Inspections
  • AS1851-2005 Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment

This requires fire-water storage tanks for sprinkler systems to be inspected internally every 3 years and hydrant systems every 5 years, under the requirements of AS1851-2012 Routine Service of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment, all fire water storage tanks must undergo an annual inspection. Our fire tank inspection includes supply and completion of an AS1851-2012 compliant logbook or AS1851-2005 report and a notification service to ensure mandatory inspections are completed on time. A safe work method statement is prepared for each inspection site and our inspectors are all trained in Confined Space and Working at Heights, updated every 2 years.

Maintenance Reports

Similar to AS1851-2012 inspections, maintenance reports ensure regular monitoring of issues and allow companies to budget for programmed maintenance. Recommended solutions to any issues are also provided to allow streamlined quote requests.

Dilapidation Reports

Benchmarking water tank assets prior to the acceptance of a management contract can protect asset managers from being liable for poorly maintained equipment. We provide a report on the condition of a water tank, likely lifespan and any defects.

Tank Commissioning’s

Prior to acceptance of a newly constructed water tank, our commissioning service provides an independent assessment of the water tank installation and suitability for purpose.

We are professional tank cleaning services with DUBAI MUNICIPALITY APPROVED (CERTIFIED) Company in DUBAI, United Arab Emirates

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